This category includes tequeños, cachapas, cachitos, empanadas and arepas, as well as the ingredient Harina Pan.

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Corn meal pancake.


Package of 5 units, already cooked.

Slightly sweetened bread stuffed with ham hash.They come pre-baked and frozen.


Available in two flavors: ham, and  ham and cheese.

Empanada is a thin dough of precooked corn meal, stuffed with different fillings. It can be fried or baked. They come uncooked, frozen. The fillings can be: cheese, potato with cheese, ground beef, shredded meat, chicken, beans.

Arepa is a type of food made with precooked corn meal. Ideal to fill with different contours, or as "corn bread" to accompany other foods. They come precooked and frozen.

Precooked corn meal used to make arepas, empanadas, hallacas, and other Latin dishes.


20lb box (4 x 5 lb bags)

50 lb bags.


Typically Venezuelan, the mini cachapas are a snack (bocadillo, pasapalo or botana) made of corn meal, to be consumed at any time of day.


They are tequeños made with chia seeds, wheat bran and low-salt cheese.

It is a healthy snack that helps control fats and it is a source of antioxidants, calcium, omega 3 and fiber.



Fresh white cheese made with pasteurized milk, rennet and salt. Ready to slice.

White soft cheese.

Three-wheeled package 

The mechada meat (shredded beaf) is a stew-like preparation. Ideal for fillings of arepas, empanadas, or to serve it accompanied by rice, or other sides.


It comes in two presentations: in tomato base or bell pepper base.

Pasteurized semi-hard yellow cheese.

It’s a hard white cheese, good for grating and using it as a filling in arepas, empanadas, or to accompany black beans, fried plantains, etc.


Precooked sausage made with pork meat, seasoned with paprika and garlic. They come in one pound package.

It's a soda very similar to red cream sodas. 

Case of 24 cans.



It is a green sauce made with cilantro, which is used for spreading, seasoning, dressing or dipping.


White cheese of firm consistency, in blocks. 

Preecooked sausage based on pork, beef blood, rice, and seasoned with spices such as oregano and cilantro.  They come in one pound package.

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