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Flamingo Latin


Different flavors, different sensations.

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We distribute products of our Latin cuisine, wholesale and retail. Excellent quality and immediate availability.

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Flamingo Latin Foods


  • We have ample storage capacity.
  • We have available inventory of all products.
  • We have what our customers need, when they want it.
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Flamingo Latin Foods began its business in the distribution of Latin food specialties in Houston, in 2012, with a fried gourmet cheese finger. It is white cheese (queso fresco), wrapped in dough, native of Venezuela and better known as "tequeño".


The "tequeño" is a fried "gourmet" cheese finger, consisting of white cheese (queso fresco), wrapped in flour dough. 

In addition to the tequeño, the growing demand of Flamingo customers prompted the company to develop a varied portfolio of Latin food specialties, which includes well-known foods such as cachapas, empanadas, chorizo, morcilla, cachitos, among others.

Flamingo Latin Foods has not only managed to diversify its product portfolio but also continues to increase its distribution network in various regions of the United States.

Flamingo Latin Foods
Flamingo Latin Foods
Flamingo Latin Foods
Flamingo Latin Foods


As we are committed to providing optimal Customer Service, for Flamingo Latin Foods it is essential to have recognized, loyal and long-term suppliers, for all the high quality products that we are proud to represent.

We have ample storage facilities and enough inventory to guarantee our supply capacity, thus offering.

We care abput the products we sell, and about keeping our customers trully satisfied. We love what we do, and as always, we are in the quest to improve our business. 

Flamingo Latin Foods

Delicious tequeños

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